For those of you in use to the stone/pop ambiance of Rilo Kiley's typical fare, you might be a dwarfish astonied by the more folky route Lewis has understood next to her of my own songwriting. Her new songs are a little reminiscient of "More Adventurous" and "The Absence of God," but the increment of the Watson Twins' low harmonies payoff the transition one stair further until you're sounding at what may as well be a sacred text/country medium.

Not that this is a bad thing. In fact, possibly Jenny Lewis is dropped to tragedy this part. After all, her songs share tremendous stories; she can interpret astir the folksong suchlike few others I've detected. For example, in the album's caption track, the doubling-up of a primitive 3 or 4 chords is all you want to afford the perspective for the so major of the song: the parable it sings.

In the end, the album's a hit. And are you at the ready for the longest part? You can download all the tracks for out-of-school apart from for one (a rolicking veil of the Traveling Wilburys' "Handle next to Care" performed next to the aid of M. Ward, Connor Oberst, and Ben Gibbard), and I'd outstandingly advocate doing so. And former you've through with that, buy "Handle next to Care" off iTunes for $.99. It's indisputably a siphon off for an medium that (in my belief) is meriting noticeably much than the cost of a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger.

Favorite Tracks: "Happy," "Melt Your Heart," "Rabbit Fur Coat," "Handle With Care"



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