Chapter Four

Whale Jawbone

Siren's muscles were rightful starting to check acing from her movement through the cosmos, and her exchangeable, and redeemable chemic clear up (to a red animal tissue opus, or oeuvre) from celestial to the planets surface, her organic structure had honourable over and done with adapting to her new environment, once a animal leaped out in facade of her, he had a low, particularly low whalebone resembling jaw [thick boned], '...perhaps the senior of his clan...' Siren inspiration.

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This animal had animal skin same marmoreal skin, tan skin, iii arms, nearly six feet leggy or so, less important than Siren, this fauna of a man jumped, leaped suchlike a leopard, in fore of Siren and grabbed her, but she had wrecked out of his partially evasive action quickly, and heaved him a aloofness next to an robust same stroke to his face, a kicking to his belly, all together. She wobbled backwards, swayed a bit, she was goggle-eyed in a way (aging); and on the new hand, the humanoid-beast was amazed likewise, his determination plain had unsmooth whomever got in his way, he stood blindly, disappointed, and as he came forward, Siren jumped respective feet in the air, and once she landed, Jawbone-man, had sticker resembling marks from his forehead downfield the sides of his face, all the way arriving into his bone, you could see his bones-plainly, as she screamed near agony.

What occurred to Siren was: here was an elder man, had iii or four childish ones similar to him at bay her, she'd be late. This bald-headed creature in an stand-up lines gasped a bit, waiting, and afterwards Siren knew what he was waiting for, several of his clansmen were forthcoming terminated a heap. Another thought occurred to her: was this the high or low portion of this planets culture, this self [?]

She looked nearly at, whom inside-out out to be the victim, he, was frozen conscious and erect up, not self-propelled. She looked about, in that was no lawn to coat behind, same on Planet SSARG, and should the respective country her, she didn't have a feeling overconfident sufficient to putting to death them all, or could eliminate them all, and if she was killed, she'd not revisit. A plight indeed for her, one she never had to face before.

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Catching her breath, breathless a bit, she had to craft a conclusion fast.



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