Their medical autograph is Cavia Tschuldi and their appellation
in South America where they were early discovered, is“Cavy.
As you might have guessed Guinea Pigs are rodents.

Near the Andes Mountains in Peru complete a a thousand eld ago , any Inca Indians were exploring fundamental the towering neighbourhood on
the limit of a forest, once they recovered wads of small short-haired creatures scampering on all sides.

The fat littler animals once they curved fuzz to choose them up
did not wound or even come across to knowledge . The Incas shortly
learned that the cavies or cuy, were frenzied but secure animals, who liked to salt away in stately neighbourhood away from the hungry owls and else predators that they were elementary target to.

They searched out burrows and homes made by rabbits or snakes or different creatures and made these spaces their burrow.
When it was period and dark, they would cast out to brainwave provisions. Wild guinea pigs unrecorded all terminated South America from Argentina to Columbia.
Some scientists say that the Inca Indians were the most basic to break the undomesticated coin pigs, but other scientists think
that even past family as far backmost as 5000 B.C. were keeping guinea pigs as pets and raising them as a basis of provisions.

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